Did US detonate a 2-ton kinetic missile on the moon? [+video]

Did the US try to detonate the moon’s surface with nuclear weapons? Well, there are a number of declassified documents that make it clear that this was the deep desire of the United States.

(You can watch the NASA’s Moon Bombing video, uploaded at October 9th 2009 at the and of this article)

These documents were strictly classified and you can rest assured that if the United States did or at least tried what they were planning, it would remain highly classified and far from public knowledge. The Declassified Report of the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center of June 1959 shows how seriously they have used the plan. It was called Project A119, highlighting the government’s desire to test the capability of weapons in space, as well as gain further insight into the space environment and the detonation of nuclear devices there, so they wanted to activate a nuclear unit.

Well, this is just one of the few documents showing a high level of interest in detonating the Moon’s weapons. There are even weird documents given the moon’s alleged bases. A very interesting person, Colonel Ross Dedrickson, testifies to his wish. Dedrickson was a real whistleblower, which means his background can be checked, he was actually what he says he is. In the episode below, we present a number of documents showing this, including a list of Air Force registrars, as well as a document from the Atomic Energy Commission. He is one of hundreds of older people who talk and share their experiences with UFOs and what they know about aliens. He is one of many who has worked particularly closely with nuclear weapons.

He was appointed to the US Atomic Energy Commission and served with them from 1950-1958. His job involved administrative duties at the Nevada tests, nuclear weapons testing sites west of Hawaii, nuclear weapons production and quality assurance in Albuquerque and nationwide inspection of nuclear and nuclear facilities.

One of the greatest enigmas regarding UFOs and Alien life is whether governments and Space Agencies around the world are covering up such information. While seeing UFO’s on Earth and videos from space isn’t something new, in the last couple of years, a lot of attention has been drawn to Earth’s moon. There, on the surface of Earth’s natural surface lay numerous ‘Alien’ Bases. The fact that many believe NASA and governments around the world have covered up information on these alien bases has become a widely accepted ideology in the last decade among ufologists and believers.


But… why break numerous international laws and go against their very own standards all of a sudden? Well, according to many, the true purpose behind the 2009 LCROSS ‘Moon bombing’ was far more enigmatic than anyone at NASA is willing to accept.



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