Choose your Poop position and find out how SHIT character are you :P :)

Our every choice is our character, and our every character is our destiny. Choose your choice carefully.

Position 0

You’re in the biggest bullshit of all positions. You need to meditate and meditate on your situation.
Tip: if this is your lively fantasy, then you’re in big shit! : p 🙂

Position 1

Your position is perfectly normal. You are just a normal person who is afraid to live and think outside the box. Your character obeys orders and lives by imposed norms and rules.
Advice: you should take more risk and start taking more initiative

Position 2

Your position is only slightly different from normal. Obviously you want to take advantage of every opportunity to rest. Or maybe you’re a little lazy. : P Who knows, you only know yourself.
Advice: if you are tired, you need to take time to rest, and if you are lazy, you need to think about it a bit and take appropriate action.

Position 3

Your position is the opposite of your normal position. Does that make you the opposite person, or the opposite of all other people? You need to think a little about it.
Advice: try a missionary sex position if you haven’t tried it before.

Position 4

Your choice is quite unexpected and different from everyone else’s so far. Obviously you don’t want to sit too much, so use your legs more than your ass. We wonder what your favorite sex pose is?
Tip: do more experiments in your life.

Position 5

Your position is quite funny, especially if you are a man. If you’re a female super, but if you’re a male you have to wonder if you are really male or not?
Tip: Try too poop into the woods

Position 6

Your position is the opposite of position 5, which means you have similar characteristics and thoughts.
Tip: try to get to know the person who has chosen position 5. I think you will agree well.

Position 7

Your position is one of the craziest positions to date. You are definitely a brave person who has a rich imagination and knows how to fight the imposed laws and norms.
Tip: You must try to use your courage to do great things.

Position 8

Your position is totally crazy. This position is associated with a bird. Maybe you were a bird in your previous life, who knows?
Tip: buy yourself a parrot.

Position 9

Your position is totally incredible. But it does not look very positive because you are drowned in feces.
Tip: You have to find a way to get out of your problems

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