Choose a crystal and find out more about you

Choose a crystal and find out more about you:

Crystal 1

You have an irresistible need for action and serious decision making. Be objective in making choices. Spend some time on yourself. When it comes to relationships try to make common sense. Both for the private and the professional. You will make some important love promises with your partner.

Crystal 2

Be careful not to over-react to things. You will find happiness in material things, so shopping will be on your agenda today. Emotional radiation and a good idea is to explore some new aspects of life. You must stop burdening your partner with your problems.

Crystal 3

You will find wise ways to handle things and conduct meaningful dialogues with the people around you. You are dynamic and you have a desire for freedom. Be creative in your approach to work and follow the advice of the people around you. As if you were born under the happy star of love and now is the time for new encounters.

Crystal 4

Happiness is on your side and you shine with confidence. Your efforts will pay off. You will have the chance to set new boundaries. An artistic event will inspire you. You’ll find someone who can make long-term plans. Wake up the fantasy and create the love affair of dreams.

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