7 Secret Theories about the Moon that will blow your mind!

There are a lot of conspiracy theories, recent discoveries and just plain old misconceptions about the moon. Here are some of them:

1.The Moon Has Been the Same Size For Millions of Years


For years, scientists thought that the moon’s volcanic activity ceased hundreds of millions of years ago with the interior cooling and the crust no longer retracting in size. As it turns out, this isn’t the case. The moon is, in fact, shrinking.

2. The Moon Is a Dry, Barren Wasteland

Until recently, many scientists thought the moon was dry. While the Apollo scientists’ theory that ice may exist on the far side of the moon, no water was discovered on the surface, in the atmosphere or inside the moon.

3. Full Moons Make People Go Insane

Science & Society Picture Library/Getty Images

For centuries, people have thought that the full moon is somehow linked to insanity, behavioral changes, attacks, fertility and teenage wolves. For wit, the word “anger” comes from the Latin word “luna” which means “moon”.

4. There are Bat-Winged Humanoids on the Moon

Bettmann/Getty Images

In August 1835, the world’s most widely read newspaper reported that there were cat bats living on the moon. The New York Sun told of bats with bats, copper fibers, which were four meters high, very intelligent and lived in the pyramids.

5. Hitler Lived on a Nazi Lunar Base

We all know history. In April 1945, as the Soviets moved through Berlin, Hitler and his wife Eva Brown were in their underground bunker when they decided to … take a rocket ship to the moon to live the rest of their days at the Nazi lunar base.

6. The Moon Is Hollow

On November 14, 1969, Apollo 12 conducted an experiment. When everyone returned safely to the command module, they crashed and landed on the lunar module of the moon. It landed a force of one tonne of TNT causing a “moon” that reached the eighth minute and took a whole hour to disintegrate. Apollo 13 conducted a similar experiment with a crash that landed on a ton of their equipment causing more impact and a longer monthly impact. As the planetary scientists say, “The moon was ringing like a bell.”

7. Stanley Kubrick Filmed the Moon Landing

Fresh off of the space cultural phenomenon that was 2001: A Space Odyssey, famed movie director Stanley Kubrick is secretly hired by the US government to produce a fake moon landing on a Hollywood sound stage


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