3 Secret Tips to Attract Abundance

3 Secret Tips to Attract Abundance – Find which one is yours

The following secret tips are to help you attract more abundance and wealth into your life. These practical Secret tips will arise your energy and get the Law of Attraction sending more abundance on your way.

1. Collect all of your coins

You could be surprised! –  how much  money can appear when you empty out your old  pockets, look under the table or check out your handbag , even go through your auto! Create a jar specifically for your coins and see how they all add up to help contribute to your wealth. Treasure your coins because they carry the vibrational energy of abundance.

2. De-clutter your wallet or purse

Show your money how much you love it by creating a good environment for it to energetically feel valued by your wallet. Make sure you arrange your bills in order, and keep them unfolded. Throw away any old receipts or expired cards – clear the dead energy. This process gives the Universe a very clear message you have created space in your purse/wallet/heart/life for more abundance to be drawn to you effortlessly.

3. Tell the money you love it

Start to feel good about your money and send it loving thoughts. Basically, if you love your money then your money (energetically) will love you back and multiply. If you send it hateful thoughts then it will want to stay away from you.

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